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3 Bedroom apartments for rent in San Antonio, TX

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Overview of San Antonio

When relocating is on your list, an online guide will help you find your ideal 3 bedroom apartment in San Antonio, TX. From detailed descriptions to lists of amenities and photographs, you can easily choose a new place to call home.

Many individuals are attracted to the town of San Antonio for its affordable apartment listings, thriving economy, historical culture and attractions. It's time to discover what the city can offer you.

3 Bedroom Apartments in San Antonio

San Antonio is a thriving community known as the second largest city in Texas and the seventh largest city in the U.S. Within each zip code, there are many noteworthy destinations such as the River Walk and the Alamo. Although these premier destinations attract locals and tourists from around the globe, they are not the only places to live and thrive in San Antonio.

San Antonio is home to many diverse neighborhoods that all boast their own unique attributes. Areas such as Alta Vista, Castle Hills, Peacan Valley, Helotes and Selma are home to beautiful parks, booming art scenes and fine dining that symbolizes the true meaning of Tex-Mex cuisine. When finding a 3 bedroom apartment in San Antonio the options are endless. Consider selecting a neighborhood that is close to your new job, family, or friends.

3 Bedroom Apartments in San Antonio: Layouts and Features

Apartment complexes in San Antonio, TX provide 3 bedroom layouts with a variety of floor plans. Generally, most 3 bedroom units will consist of a living room, kitchen, bathroom and separate bedrooms. In some cases, a bonus room, dining room, additional bathrooms and a balcony are offered.

The size and age of the building have a direct impact on the square footage and design features. Other amenities including parking, fitness rooms and surrounding views will also vary from location to location.