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Overview of San Antonio

Anyone with a dog or cat knows that finding pet friendly apartments is a challenge in any city, even one as large and diverse as San Antonio. The difficulty with finding pet friendly apartments, however, is that few print directories tell you whether rental properties have restrictions that will prevent you from keeping pets there. An online directory, however, does not have the space limitations of print listings, so it can give you all of the information that you need to choose a pet friendly apartment that meets your unique needs.

Pet Friendly Apartments in San Antonio

Many of the pet friendly apartments in San Antonio have restrictions that only allow you to keep certain types of animals. Rental properties might, for instance, only allow dogs under 30 pounds. If you own a larger dog, then you will need to find another rental option. Some apartment complexes will allow dogs but not cats. Some allow cats but not dogs. Restrictions are completely at the discretion of the owner, so you never know what you will encounter when you search for pet friendly apartments.

Pet Friendly Apartment Deposits

Even though many apartments let you keep pets, they might charge you an extra security deposit. Even well-trained pets can cause damage to a rental property. The pet could get sick on the carpet, causing a stain; or it could get nervous and claw at the walls when it hears a loud siren. The security deposit is intended to pay for these damages.

Ask the landlord to do a walkthrough of the rental with you To make sure that you don't pay for damage caused by a former tenant. Make note of any existing damage. Be sure to include the date and have your landlord sign the paper. That way, you have proof that the pet friendly apartment already had some damage before you moved in.