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February 07, 2020
Year round dog poop is not getting cleaned up properly. Leaves in stairway are not getting blow out from the stairs and hallways. Leaves are not cleaned up regularly. In winter this year been worst then it has been in past. Parking stalls are not getting salt to melt the snow and drive way to entrances are not getting plowed where the roads are icy and residents are able to fall. Just getting stuff out of the car has been difficult because of ice from the previous snow storms that accurd in last couple days. Side walks shoveled to be able to walk but not able to push a stroller to push my child in. It's an complex joke how maintenance thinks doing bare minimum around the grounds. I don't if you just shirt of staff or what is real reason. I hope you considering to hire more maintenance and ground keepers to take care of property around the grounds. I think the management is slacking on inforcing The rules about patio furniture. I have seen couches. Banners. Rugs. Bikes and school table and chairs sets you would see in middle School or High school. Wet clothes hanging off the banisters on residents balconies. Seasonal decorations not getting taken down after that hoilday is finished. Cluttered balconies are also an issue. These just makes our residents look trashy and to the point where anyone is able to live here and it's poorly managed. We would given the apartments High points when this taken care of. Sincerely a concerned residents who still believe these Apartents can be great again.
April 09, 2019
I love living here! It is in the perfect location, the mall is within walking distance. Staff is friendly and helpful. The most pet friendly place I have ever lived at! Rent prices are reasonable. I feel safe.
December 22, 2018
This place is close to everything! The apartments are well kept! I love Barbara from the front desk she is so helpful and polite. Jim from maintenance goes far and beyond to help you, he has even help us out of work hours! Awesome affordable option to live
August 26, 2017
I think this property Charges to much for there apartments, and they are never updated not worth the money there maintance guys are terrible and staff is not that great either there always changing
Melanie F.
August 01, 2017
There are always people coming in and out at weird hours of the night. People yelling/fighting outside balconies, and seems the cops are always here for one reason or another(even had the DEA here banging on doors at the building next to mine). Packages left a door will 100% be stolen if left out all day. If its valuable make sure to leave it at the office I had my car broken into a month after moving in. Talk to any motorcycle owener in the complex. They will all tell you how their bikes had been stollen or at the minimum moved and ditched because the theifs couldnt lift the bike.... The actuall apartment is fine. rooms are decent size and price is pretty cheap for the Murray area. I did have the AC go out and it took them a few weeks to get someone out to look at it. That was a little unbearable in the Summer heat. For a decent price and as long as you dont mind the loud/shaddy neighbors.. its not the worste place to live
August 01, 2017
It sucks. Find somewhere else to live. They don't care about you all they want is your money.
Hailey F.
July 14, 2017
Its quiet. Great location. Friendly neighbors. Always parking. Sometimes its far from your door. But who doesn't like a nice little walk. Nice office staff.
Andrea V.
June 29, 2017
I like living here because it is quiet, and the location is perfect for my needs. I like that it is close enough to SLC to be convenient. The staff is always courteous and professional I've never had any issues. Some of my apartment's appliances are older but, I feel I pay a fair price considering the location. It's nothing fancy, but its home, and I love living here.
Karen C.
May 06, 2017
I tell them it's awesome.
Zach V.
March 11, 2017
Living a James Pointe is a great place to live at. They come out and fix things in a timely manner as I have had a few niggles when I moved in like the toilet constantly running, the hookups not working, lights outside the apartments not working. I put in various tickets and they came and fixed the problems within 24-48 hours. I am very impressed with the maintenance staff, they are courteous and know what they are doing. The office staff I have had to speak to a few times and every time they are very knowledgeable and supportive to me and the questions that I have. The apartment is warm, it comes with cooker, fridge freezer, washer dryer hookups and heating and cooling systems that actually work really well. In fact most of the time I do not even have to put the heating on because its so warm in here. I highly recommend these apartments to you. Come live here you wont regret it
Simon P.
March 01, 2017
I had put in 3 requests for the same issue but they never sent anyone to work on it. Worst still it is a pest control issue with random bugs getting into the apartment. I have spent money on doctors due to the terrible rash I developed and also informed them of the same but that was not important for them to address. Waiting for my lease to end.
Ratna K.
February 09, 2017
close to everything, no one bothers you and management is great
Joshua L.
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