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Vermont Apartments and Homes


Vermont has one of the prettiest official state nicknames; it's the Green Mountain State, an apt name for such a beautiful natural setting. However, a more appropriate nickname might be the Independent State, due to this New England state's long and proud history of championing independence. Today, Vermont is still known as a state of independent thinkers. So if independent thought and individual fortitude appeal to you, Vermont may be the perfect place to explore apartments for rent.

What to Expect

Famous for its maple syrup, Vermont supplies a wide variety of products that range from the necessary (milk annually, apples and computer chips) to the whimsical (Christmas trees and high-priced teddy bears). Major industries include agriculture, quarrying and finishing granite and marble, and the manufacture of electronic equipment, metal products and paper. Considering this state's natural beauty, it's no surprise that tourism is a growing industry as well.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy the abundant natural beauty of Vermont, with its scenic mountains (where Vermonters ski in winter) and picturesque New England villages. Vermont's 52 state parks provide the perfect venue for camping, hiking, water sports and a favorite Vermont pastime: enjoying the spectacular autumn foliage. Fall is the most beautiful season here, with the trees exploding in shades of crimson and gold, much to the delight of all those lucky enough to witness it.

Vermont's climate varies greatly throughout the year, creating four distinct seasons. The summers are short with highs mostly in the 70s (most apartments don't feature air conditioning, so the occasional rise into the 80s can get a bit uncomfortable at times). Winter is cold and brings heavy snow, which usually blankets the state for at least three full months. Spring and fall are beautiful but bring rainy days and sharp drops in temperature when day turns into night.

Where to Explore

Vermont's largest city with nearly 45,000 residents, Burlington is located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. It's been called one of America's most livable cities thanks to its gorgeous setting and good economy, which depends on tourism, port activity and manufacturing. Burlington is also home to the University of Vermont and Champlain College, which give the city the air of a college town.


As the nation's smallest state capital (only 8,000 Vermonters live here), Montpelier's intimate size and historic neighborhoods make it a great city to call home. It's a compact city where you can easily get around on foot most of the year, especially in the dynamic downtown, a well-preserved historic area. The state government is one of the largest employers. Other important industries include insurance companies, education and granite production. There aren't an abundance of apartments for rent, but if you look you're sure to find a few attractive options.

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