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Wisconsin Apartments and Homes


In the north, deep woods and clean lakes lure wildlife and nature lovers. In the central section, picturesque dairy farms dot the landscape. In the south, bustling cities provide urban amenities, a high quality of life and plenty of apartments for rent. Wisconsin, the Badger State, is a great place to explore and, when you've found just the right spot, a wonderful place to settle down.

In the north woods of Wisconsin, clear, clean lakes abound. Fishing is fine, and wildlife is plentiful. Outdoor recreation and adventure are a main draw for out-of-state visitors. The 15,000 lakes in the state are enjoyed by swimmers, fishermen and fisherwomen and boaters. The deep, cool woods provide wonderful hiking and horseback riding trails.

What to Expect

Wisconsin is most famous for two products: cheese and beer. The state's dairy farms are the country's foremost supply of milk, cheese and butter. In fact, they supply 40% of the nation's cheese and 20% of its butter! Wisconsin is also a leading manufacturer of machinery, paper, automobiles and furniture. Oh yes, and beer. For decades, several major brewers called Milwaukee home, but today only Miller Brewing Co. along with a multitude of small breweries remain.

With 15,000 lakes, it's no wonder that Wisconsin residents can often be found enjoying the great outdoors. Favorite pastimes include swimming, fishing, boating, hunting and skiing. Lake Winnebago is the largest lake in Wisconsin at 215 square miles. The state also shares shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. The landscape is at its most inviting in autumn, when the trees burst into brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange.


Milwaukee calls itself a "Genuine American City," and it doesn't take long to understand why (and believe it). With just over half a million residents, Milwaukee offers a great tradition of family values, diverse cultures, warm hospitality and interesting things to do. Local attractions include breweries that offer tours, the Milwaukee Art Museum, buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Brewers pro baseball team and the Bucks pro basketball team. Every summer, Milwaukee hosts Summerfest, the world's biggest festival featuring 11 days of live music. Milwaukee's weather is fairly mild, thanks to Lake Michigan's influence. Summer rarely gets warmer than the 70s, while winter rarely goes much below 30 degrees.


Madison, state capital and home to almost 270,000 residents, is a perennial winner of many publications' lists of the best communities to live in. All the accolades will come as no surprise once you've seen Madison's many advantages for yourself. The wooded lakeshores and multitude of parks make the city easy on the eyes, while the elaborate capitol and Frank Lloyd Wright buildings inspire the soul. Locals have plenty of reasons to venture out of their apartments, thanks to year-round outdoor activities, from swimming, sailing, hiking and biking to snow sailing, cross-country skiing and ice fishing. Madison is also home to the highly acclaimed University of Wisconsin. A large student population ensures plenty of apartment rentals.

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