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Wyoming has three state nicknames that combine to do a pretty good job of describing this state of vast landscapes and few residents. One of them is Big Wyoming, an apt name for a state that is nearly 100,000 square miles in size, but has only 500,000 residents living on it. It's also called the Cowboy State, which gives a glimpse into the state's historic past on the western frontier, as well as its culture and heritage of independent and self-sufficient people. Finally, Wyoming is called the Equality State. This name, along with the state motto of "Equal Rights," pays homage to the state's legacy of supporting women's rights. Wyoming women were the first to vote (in 1869), serve on juries and hold public office.

What to Expect

Mining, tourism and agriculture are the main components of Wyoming's economy. Oil, natural gas, sodium carbonate and uranium are all mined from the ground, while sheep and cattle graze on top of it. The state's chief agriculture products include livestock, wool, what, oats and sugar beets. The tourism industry accounts for more than $1 billion in revenue each year, and employs a good number of the state's residents. Visitors and residents alike appreciate Wyoming's spectacular scenery and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Wyoming is home to two world-famous national parks: Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Beautiful and breathtaking, the famed Yellowstone awes admirers with its geysers, hot springs and wildlife.

Wyoming's cost of living is right at the national average, with housing costs--including apartments for rent--just 1% above the average. However, here's something to keep in mind for those determining how much they're able to spend on apartments: Wyoming has neither individual nor corporate income tax, so your money goes further here than in many other states.

What to Explore

The state capital and largest city with 50,000 residents, Cheyenne is the economic, cultural and political center for the state. Called the Magic City of the Plains, Cheyenne has a lot to festive indoor and outdoor activities to offer, most of which are family oriented. The city is most famous for the annual Frontier Days (held every year since 1897), which celebrate the area's history and heritage. Other events include organized sports programs, Oktoberfest, the annual Christmas Parade and much more. There are a decent number of apartments to choose from, with the median price for apartment rentals at about $475 per month.


Forty-five miles from Cheyenne you'll find Laramie, a small college town in a scenic area nestled against the majestic Snowy Range Mountains. "Wyoming's Hometown" is home to the University of Wyoming, the state's only four-year university. The campus's influence has created an urban, cultured environment that blends with the rural frontier spirit to create a truly unique place to live. Crime rates are low, housing is affordable, and the people are friendly. As in any college town, apartments for rent are plentiful, with more than 5,000 rental property units in the area. Average two-bedroom apartment rentals go for $530 per month, and average three-bedroom houses and apartments cost about $800 per month.

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