8 Pool Safety Tips You Absolutely Must Follow

According to the CDC, about 10 people die each day in the U.S. as a result of drowning. Some of these accidents may be prevented with proper pool safety measures. Take these preventative measures and in turn, have a safe, fun-filled pool season this year.

1. Know how to really swim

This might sound obvious, but it’s extremely important that everyone in your home knows how to swim well if you have a pool in close proximity. You can enroll your children in swim courses with the Red Cross or another organization to ensure they know how to swim properly.

2. Don’t keep glass bottles by the pool

glass bottles

Although this is a rule in most apartment complexes, it’s often neglected. Glass bottles break and easily cut people’s feet when they’re dropped.

Many people like to have pool parties and invite their friends over for a few drinks, so if you’re drinking beer do not drink out of glass bottles. Stick to solo cups around the pool area!

3. No food or gum while you swim

Leave the chewing and eating for outside of the pool. There are too many choking accidents each year due to chewing gum or eating in the pool.

When you’re going for a swim, empty your mouth! It’s often a habit to frequently have gum in your mouth and not even realize it.

4. Follow the buddy system

Two is better than one, so always choose to swim with a friend. Drowning often happens in less than 60 seconds and when swimmers are alone. Swim with a buddy to prevent any emergencies like drowning from occurring and someone is always there in case an injury happens.

5. Pay attention to the weather


Photo by Layne Lawson on Unsplash

This might be overstated, but swimming in thunder or lightning is never a good idea. Listen to the lifeguards (if there are any). Otherwise, always be aware of the weather.

If it looks like it’s getting dark or you hear thunder nearby, get out of the pool until it clears up outside. Be smart and don’t take any chances!

6. Don’t push other people

It might seem enticing and maybe even a little fun, but it causes a lot of unwanted injuries and accidents. Don’t push people around the pool or in the pool, because they could easily slip on the wet surface.

7. Get swim diapers for your kids

swim diapers

Even if your kids are potty trained, it’s a good idea to make them wear swim diapers when you’re at the apartment complex pool. Kids often get excited and may not want to get out of the pool to use the restroom. And sometimes, they don’t realize they have to go until it’s too late. Avoid any accidents by using swim diapers!

8. Be weary of open cuts

If you have any open wounds or cuts on your body, do everyone a favor and stay out of the pool for awhile. Even though chlorine will likely kill any lingering bacteria, it’s still not sanitary for other people. Wait until your wounds close and fully heal before entering a public pool again.

Pool safety is key

As long as you’re conscious and take these preventive measures, you’ll have an awesome pool season.

If you’re a parent, keep an eye on your children by the pool. Set pool rules and boundaries at your house and actually enforce them. By doing this, everyone will be more inclined to follow the pool safety rules.

Header Photo by Tom Grimbert (@tomgrimbert) on Unsplash
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